The best!

Lorinda says: “Giving guests a fun and silly way to interact was a great idea for a reception activity and the lasting results of the super candid photos had us rolling over laughing…not to mention capturing the antics of our guests has provided us ample fodder for blackmail down the road!!”

Can’t believe how much fun we had!

Jenny says: “We can relive the candid moments of our family & friends through these pictures. We also loved the array of backdrops & props we were able to choose from which are so original and a welcome change from what is currently out in the market.”

A hit!

Sheree says: “the photobooth pictures look great! We got so many compliments on it: what a great idea it was, how fun the props were, etc. It was such a hit!”


Rose says: “they look awesome! So much fun!!”

Woah, Fantastic!

Adina says: “These are fantastic. Love the background and the banner!”

Amazing Photobooth!

Dave says: “thank you so much!”

Absolutely Amazing!

Cherie says: “absolutely amazing. So glad we did the photobooth-I sent the link out to friends this morning and already was spammed with tons of positive responses!”

So glad we got a photobooth

Robyn says: “these are awesome! Can’t wait to send them out to our guests”