You’ve probably already heard a dozen different companies give you their schtick about how important your big day is, and how photos are memories you can keep forever. We’re not going to do that.

Well, not much.

We are going to tell you straight up that it is true: Your wedding is one of the biggest events of your life and it is important to have a record of that. But that doesn’t mean you and your guests shouldn’t have fun. Remember how you and your friends used to pile into photobooths to commemorate time spent together? We’ve all got a faded strip of photos tucked away somewhere; even if it’s only to remind ourselves that the 80s were not kind to anyone. There was something special about the old-school photobooths because they let you see your memories being created as they happened.

Well, having a Sakura Photobooth at your wedding is basically an even better, updated version of that. Because it’s open-air, you can have as many people in the shot as you want; your photos are customizable, top quality and ready in seconds; guests get as many prints as they like; and you get a digital archive to keep for yourself.

Your Photobooth gives your guests a fun, informal way to create mementos of your wedding and leave you messages — a sort of personalized digital guestbook, if you will. You can customize every part of the Photobooth experience, from placement and backdrops, to chalkboards and props, to messages on the prints. And years down the line; once you’ve managed to “accidentally” break the tureen your aunt gave you as a gift, and the guy who hit on all the bridesmaids (you know who you are) has finally settled down; you can still look at your photos and think “That was one heck of a good time.”
And that’s all we want, really.